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It was and is a pleasure to work with Alison on her website, which serves as a platform for her teachings, events, and sales. The main focus was simplicity and ease of use. We worked closely together to identify her needs and preferences. I used my expertise in web development to build an automated scheduling system that would allow clients to book sessions with Alison directly on the website and a ticket-selling system for her events. I also developed an e-commerce store for her to sell her products. To ensure the website was optimized for all devices, I created a responsive design that would look great on desktop and mobile devices. I integrated an automated email system allowing Alison to communicate with clients and visitors.


Automated scheduling system 

Ticket selling system for events 

E-commerce store 

Simple and user-friendly design 

Responsive design 

Automated email integration

Social media integration 

Newsletter sign-up 

Search engine optimization 


United Kingdom



Service Website



Web Designer 

UX & UI Designer

Web Developer

Support & Maintenance

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