Project: E-commerce jewelry store

Location: Greece

Key features: Scrollable products images 


"This is an E-commerce website I made for a jewelry store in Greece. A key feature of this website is the scrollable jewelry that you can move around as a visitor. Big respect for Pepe the jeweler!"

Hi I'm Jop 

a creative developer.

"I assist brands and individuals in developing logos, brand identities, and websites. I also offer marketing and branding coaching since sometimes you just need a designer's perspective on things. How can I help you?"

Hi I'm Jop

a creative developer

Logo, identity, & design

Allow me to create a consistent branding design and voice for your brand

Interactive webdesign

I'll connect your brand with your customers through a well-designed website

Brand coaching

I can advise you on your existing brand identity and designs. Let's brainstorm

Brand coaching

Marketing coaching

Marketing coaching

Let me assist you with design and strategies. Free templates to ease the workflow







I'm a web designer, but I am also passionate about helping business owners create strong brands.

I believe good design is fundamental to connecting with your audience. My goal in developing and designing brands and their sales channels is to ensure that you have the tools you need to communicate your brand's values and vision across all channels.

When I design, I focus on visioning your customer's perspectives and building your brand around their needs. Good design isn't just about making something look pretty—it's about creating something that will resonate with your target audience.

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Digital nomad, web designer, brand developer, Jopsdesign,

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"This website was built for a Mexican artist called Roberto Sosa. Such a cool guy! He is a professional painter who wanted to share his artwork with the world. Glad he did! I still manage his website."

Project: Artist portfolio

Location: Mexico

Key features: Minimal and clean